Pickering Equestrian 

    Evenstar Farms

Evenstar Farms is a private equine retirement and breeding facility open to its boarders and invited guests.

If you are interested in boarding at our facility be do require you submit an application. 

Please email us at evenstarfarms@gmail.com for an application!

Boarding Rates start at $450 for pasture board and $650 for stall board.

Daily Care

Horses have access to large hay bales with safe slow feeder nets and fresh pasture (summer) all day that they enjoy in group pastures of like temperament horses. They have access to fresh water at all times as well as vita lick tubs, salt and mineral blocks.  Horses are monitored in the winter months and blanketed according to their needs. Stalls are cleaned daily and shavings added when needed.

Weekly Care

Horses are groomed weekly and bathed when needed.  Their feet are picked and monitored for excess moisture.  


Sheds are cleaned out and manure in pastures is drug.  This allows for fresh grass to continue growing in turnout pastures as well as our regular pastures. 


Salt, mineral and vitamin licks are replaced in pastures.  
Horses are held for farrier appointments.  
Weight is monitored and adjusted as horses get older and need softer feed diets.