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About Us

Who We Are

Evenstar Farms is a private boarding and training facility located in the beautiful grassy hills of Elbert, Colorado.  Evenstar Farms offers top notch training and care in a tranquil environment.  Horses in Evenstar Farms program are treated as high level athletes with the care and attention deserved of one.  Our program is founded on the centuries old methods of the Spanish Riding School called 'Classical Training'.   Classical riding is the art of riding in harmony with, rather than against, the horse.  

The Staff

Owner/Head Trainer

Jessica Pickering sat on a horse before she was even a year old and instantly reached down, grabbed mane and laughed.  That was the start of a lifelong passion.  She started riding at Coventry Farms in Littleton, Co as a child.  Within two years of riding in one of Colorado’s top warmblood breeding and show barns she was entering the show ring herself.  Within a few years she was winning back to back Show Champions in the Colorado Hunter Jumper Association shows around the state.  By nineteen years of age she was an assistant trainer; teaching lessons and learning how to train hunters and jumpers.  Jessica continued assisting for several local trainers and worked for programs such at Plum Creek Hollow one of Colorado's top German importing facilities.  For several years she focused on increasing her knowledge of the thoroughbred and their responses to classical riding.  She still lessons and clinics with top trainers such at Joanne Hart, Ken Hart, Nicole Thüngen(German Dressage Master), Ken McGarth (USDF Gold Medalist), Sabrina Wood (Grand Prix Dressage), John McConnell (2x World Cup Rider and Young Riders Couch), and several more top experts.  Jessica is skilled in training horses of all breeds but has the rare patience and skill to train the sensitivity, high energy, and difficult horses. She has the eye to find potential in horses that many may pass by, she can find the true diamonds in the rough. She is very talented in bringing horses from flat work all the way up into the 'A' rated circuit.



Zak Nix has been riding horses for over twenty years, has trained professionally for 15 years, and worked as a farrier for 5 years (apprenticed for 5).  He has a way with horses that is truly amazing to watch, it's effortless and the horses are drawn to him.  He worked as a reining trainer for several years and started countless horses giving them a truly solid foundation that allowed them to go in any direction.  He has since become a Journeymen Farrier and is used by several of the top vets in Colorado for corrective shoeing.  We are truly blessed to have his abilities helping Evenstar Farms and several other barns in the state.